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IvyCat’s Spiffy New Site!

Photo Credit: Andy Graulund @ Flicker
Photo Credit: Andy Graulund @ Flicker

Hey all! Laura here to announce that we’ve completely revamped ivycat.com.

It’s shiny, it’s new, and it’s more like the great websites we create for our awesome clients. :)

Following are some new features we’re especially excited about:

It’s Responsive

Along with a slick new design, our website is now responsive! :D

Responsive websites respond and adapt to the browser that is being used to read them.  If you don’t know what this means, check out the responsive cat developed by Roxik. (If you resize your browser, the cat will stretch and scrunch based on your browser size).  

It’s Chock Full o’ WordPress

We’re primarily a WordPress Development Shop, but for the longest time we didn’t publicize that enough. :)

Our brand new WordPress section highlights our:

WordPress Support & Maintenance

Just like any dynamic website platform, WordPress needs updates.  So do WordPress plugins and themes.

Updates not only bring new, or improved features, but they also increase security, fix bugs, and provide a better user experience.

Some folks are perfectly happy performing software updates themselves, but we find that most customers either:

  • ignore updates & security altogether (we call this ostrich security), or
  • rely on IvyCat to provide updates & security.

Over the last year, we’ve cleaned up tens of sites that have been hacked and abused due to poor security, lack of updates, and inconsistent support.  This can get expensive, cause downtime, affect search traffic and rankings, and can even get you blacklisted at Google.

Signup for one of our WordPress support packages and we’ll make sure your site is always:

  • Updated – we’ll monitor and update your WordPress, plugins & themes.
  • Backed Up – we’ll always keep offsite backups available in case you need them
  • Secure – we’ll scan your site and provide (and implement) recommendations for increased security.
  • Supported – we’ll answer your WordPress questions and provide support for your site.

So, don’t live in fear of hackers and don’t spin your wheels; let us take over WordPress Maintenance and Support and rest easy while you do what you do best.

Best of all, you don’t need to host with IvyCat to use our WordPress support (but we certainly don’t mind).

Purchase a WordPress Support Package by June 15th and get $10 off using discount code: wpsupport.
IvyCat WordPress Services
New WordPress Section

WordPress Plugins

While we’ve been quietly developing WordPress plugins for the last 2 years, they now have a nice, dedicated home on our website. :)

WordPress Events

If you’re in the Seattle area and want hang out with the IvyCats, you’ll find us at:

Free Hosting Upgrades

We’ve simplified and renamed our Web Hosting Plans and have increased storage and bandwidth at no charge.  If you’re a current customer, we’ll upgrade your account shortly.

The Wrap

There are a bunch of other little goodies sprinkled throughout our site. We’ve got an updated portfolio and a new about page where you can actually see our faces. :) So feel free to look around and let us know what you think.


We’d like to give special thanks to:


2 responses to “IvyCat’s Spiffy New Site!”

  1. Marty Diamond Avatar

    Fantastic job on the new website – looks great, works great Kudos to the entire IvyCat Team !

    1. Eric Amundson Avatar

      Thanks Marty!

      We still have a bunch of work to do, but it feels great just to have the new site out there and to better show our WordPress focus.

      Now, I don’t feel so embarrassed when people tell me they’ve been to IvyCat’s site, plus we can blog again and get some more traffic while contributing to the community.

      Also, now that the new site’s out there, it puts the pressure on to fix bugs and make improvements and updates, but now it feels like we’re building on something we want to maintain and grow.

      Thanks for all of your conversion and analytics consulting; you’re amazing!