Where’d you get the name “IvyCat”?

A lot of people ask us that and we can see why they’re curious. It’s a unique name and we think it’s rather catchy. Sometime around the turn of the century (it’s so cool to be able to say that), Eric was in search of a name for his business. He wanted a short URL, something people would remember easily. He’d been brainstorming for days when, one night, his cat Poe gave him an idea.

See, Eric has a pretty impressive green thumb and in his living room was an ivy plant he’d trained into a topiary tree. He looked over and saw Poe sitting under the ivy tree and thought “ivy” and “cat.” One quick search revealed the name was available and the rest is history. It’s a good thing too, because “TreeCat” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Who are the IvyCats?

We are an ever-growing team of WordPress developers and website lovers. Based in Gig Harbor, WA, most of the time you’ll find us hard at work developing websites, software and plugins that are actually designed to sell products and services.

“We love working with people to create cool websites and software that work effortlessly, and add measurable business value.”

Our customer support is super-fast and reliable, and is something we’re extremely proud of here at IvyCat.

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How long have you been designing websites?

We’ve been designing and launching websites in the South Puget Sound area since early 2000.

We’ve survived, and thrived through the shifts from Web 1.0 to 2.0, the birth and rapid adoption of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and the creation of content platforms like Blogger and WordPress, which allow the average user to build their own websites.

We’re veterans and we’re in this for the long haul. If you want a web company that is as committed to your business as you are, that’s us.

How long have you been developing WordPress plugins?

IvyCat has been developing plugins for WordPress since 2011 and is dedicated to improving the user’s experience with practical plugins that improve the functionality of WordPress sites. We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups all the way to Microsoft, to craft solid solutions for their sites.

Our most popular plugins include Posts in Page, with over 194,000 downloads to date, and the Bing Translator plugin, a product we developed for Microsoft.

Why are you different?

We’ve had clients burned by past web designers before. So we know. We’re familiar with the scenario, and the legitimate concern that the designer you’re working with might be a fly by night wonder.

But that’s not us. How can you tell?

We’ll pick up the phone when you call and, if we can’t, we’ll actually return your call as quickly as possible. We have a record of returning emails within 24 hours. Our customer and technical support are simply the best.

Our goal is to put the “serve” back into customer service. And part of that is being accessible to our clients and being able to answer their questions in a non-technical manner. We work to reduce stress in our clients’ lives by giving them access to the kind of technical services they need to make their websites a success.

Can I visit IvyCat HQ?

Sure! If you live near the South Puget Sound area or are visiting, we’d love to meet you. Our office is open from 8am to 5pm each weekday. You can find us at:

IvyCat Web Services
5790 Soundview Drive, Suite 103
Gig Harbor, WA
Phone: 800-861-4004
Fax: 888-500-9610

What do you do for fun?

Well, our boss, Eric, likes to find sad and homeless Sock Monkeys to adopt (we don’t ask why). And we all enjoy the outdoors. In this corner of the world, we only get sunshine about 35% of the year so, when it’s nice out, you’ll find us hiking, climbing, fishing and soaking up the sun just like a pack of happy cats.

Where else can I spot IvyCats?

When we’re not actively working on customer sites, you might find us at the WordPress Seattle Meetup or sponsoring and/or attending WordCamps in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and beyond.

We also host the monthly South Sound WordPress Meetup and would love to see you there!