Eric AmundsonPrincipal, Web Strategist, UI designer

Eric Amundson founded IvyCat in 2002 and is our web strategist and user-experience designer. Eric also contributes to design, development, systems administration, and marketing.

Eric is responsible for overseeing daily operations and making sure the code monkeys don’t run out of coffee and bananas.

Amy Hill Back-end Developer & Coder Extraordinaire

Amy is our resident JavaScript expert and plugin creator. She can code just about anything you can imagine!

We don’t think Amy has much spare time, she always seems to be working on some new and exciting project. But we’ve heard rumors that she enjoys jogging, boating, and traveling.


Jenny BonesProject Manager & Sales


Jenny is our Project Manager in charge of customer communications, our production calendar, and overseeing each project’s components to make sure everything comes together correctly and on-time.

In her spare time you can find her trying to design a successful base in Rimworld…but we’re sure that’s just a phase.