Eric AmundsonPrincipal, Web Strategist, UI designer

Eric Amundson founded IvyCat in 2002 and is our web strategist and user-experience designer. Eric also contributes to design, development, systems administration, and marketing.

Eric is responsible for overseeing daily operations and making sure the code monkeys don’t run out of coffee and bananas.


Anne PlummerFront-end developer

Anne is in charge of making websites look beautiful.

She is an expert in creating beautifully usable website templates, and coding and editing website structure to maximize usability and search engine effectiveness.

Laura EspinosaProject Manager and Copywriter

Laura is our Project Manager in charge of customer communications, our production calendar, and overseeing each project’s components to make sure everything comes together correctly and on-time.

In her spare time, Laura is mommy to a few animals and writes novels with her writing partner.

Patrick JacksonSenior Developer

Patrick helps build, maintain and troubleshoot all of our websites and plugins. His motto, when it comes to quality control is “If it ain’t broke, I’ll break it!” And that he does. But we promise, he doesn’t leave things broken.

He is a “recreational programmer” and does programming even when he’s not working. But he does have other hobbies, such as the great outdoors, gardening, and writing.

AJ MalloryTroubleshooting Ninja

AJ is one of our talented, behind-the-scenes code wranglers who’s in charge of building the more complex pieces of our websites (and making sure nothing breaks!)

In his spare time he enjoys photography, whitewater paddling, and sea kayaking.

Jenny BonesMarketing Maven

Jenny manages our site’s content, newsletters and social media accounts. She is a copywriter, marketing consultant and proud caretaker of Adred the Magic Cat.

In her spare time you can find her trying to design a better XP farm in Minecraft…but we’re sure that’s just a phase.

Tom EwerBlogger Extraordinaire

Tom is one of our bloggers, always creating great content for the IvyCat site. He is also founder of Leaving Work Behind, an online community for people who want to quit their 9-5 jobs and build a successful business online.

In his spare time, Tom can be found checking out the latest movies, watching his favorite sports teams or dancing it up at the local music fest.

Jennifer WilliamsFront End Developer

Jennifer switched careers from genetics research to web development, and couldn’t be more pleased at the change. She invites anyone wanting to get super-nerdy to talk to her about conceptual parallels between genetics and computer programming. (See why we love her?)

Jennifer says she loves design and development, and how they fit together to make something beautiful and functional.

In her spare time she enjoys making wire jewelry and drawing, and has even been known to pick up a fencing sword once or twice. Because of this, she’s also our one-woman security department.