3 Steps to a Better About Page

Writing the About page on any website can feel like the most daunting of pages, and for good reason. Your About page is where you get to tell your story, or the story of your company. It’s where you communicate your values and strive to connect with your ideal client. It feels ‘big’ because it is big! But don’t fret…

I’ve developed a super-easy, 3-step formula for approaching your About page copy. This formula works almost universally, from the budding solopreneur to the well-established small business and I know it will add value to your site’s copy. Here’s the 1-2-3 method of creating a compelling About page.

Step 1. Where I Was

This is where your story began. For coaches and those in the personal development industry, this is the time to share honestly about where you were before you discovered the work you’re offering. Don’t edit yourself here. Let the reader see clearly your faults and the struggles you had along the way.

For the small business offering a product or service, this is where you explain why you decided to get started in your industry. Explain how you identified a need in your market, or an issue that had yet to be properly addressed.

Again, don’t hold back here. You made mistakes along the way. Sharing these missteps honestly, and without apology, will only build trust in your potential client.

We are all only human. And as humans, we want to see the humanity in your business before we are willing to trust you enough to spend our money on you. So share from the heart and don’t hide those warts!

Step 2. What Happened

In the next section of your About page, you’re going to explain the transition into building your company.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a web development company. In Step 1, you explained your personal story around the deficiencies you noticed in the level of customer service within this industry. You decided you were going to do things differently. Step 2 now explains how and when you began to build your company in order to make this difference.

If, on the other hand, you’re in the personal development business, this is the section where you begin to explain what you’ve learned and why it’s worked for you. It is the moment of transformation, the “Aha!” moment that brought you to where you are today.


Simon Sinek would consider the combined story told during Steps 1 and 2 as your “Why.” To learn more about your “Why” and why it’s so important, you can check out his TED talk.

Step 3. Where I Am Today

Phew, the hard part’s over. Yay! You’ve successfully, and honestly, described where you were before becoming a business owner, as well as why you decided to begin helping others. So now it’s time for some shameless self-back-patting.

In this final step, you’re going to share how amazing this work has been, how much you and/or your company has grown and to list all relevant achievements, growth statistics and successes stories.

Step 3 is also where you post all those glowing testimonials you’ve collected from your clients. (You DO ask for and collect testimonials, right?)

Explain how your offering is going to make your client’s life easier, better, more profitable, or maybe all of the above.

In this section, the “I” becomes “You.” You’ve shared enough about yourself in steps 1 and 2. Now it’s time to turn the camera on your prospective client and talk to them directly about how you are prepared to improve their lives.

Call to Action

Okay, so there are really 4 steps, but I’m hoping this last one is already implied. You must end your About page copy with a clear and singular call to action.

Do you want them to contact you about updating their website? Do you want them to sign up for a free lead-generating call? Maybe you just would like them to join your mailing list.

Whatever it is, make it clear in the last sentence of the page and include links that allow them to quickly and easily complete your call to action.

How do you use other site’s About pages? What strategies do you use in writing your own? Please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Lauren Avatar

    EXCELLENT, concise info. Thanks!

    1. Jenny Bones Avatar

      Thanks so much, Lauren. Glad you liked it.