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5 E-Commerce Homepages That Sell

The homepage of your e-commerce website is like a store window – if it doesn’t grab your customers’ attention, you can forget about them actually buying anything.

A well-designed e-commerce homepage layout will encourage your customers to buy from you through credibility, convenience and products. You need to make sure that your homepage looks professional, makes it easy to see what’s on offer on your site, and provides enough product information to entice your customers to go further into the site.

This post will take a look at five well-designed WordPress e-commerce homepages that sell, what makes them stand out, and how you might be able to achieve the same results for your homepage.

1. S’well Bottle

S'well ecommerce homepage
S’well Bottle has had great success with their beautifully crafted insulated bottles. Their website speaks directly to their audience with a clean, simple layout. The focus of the homepage is on the large image slider showcasing their collections and a mailing list signup.

For your e-commerce homepage, you can create a static front page in WordPress featuring a slider that links through to your WooCommerce shop. Be sure to choose a clean design that matches your brand and product style to be most effective.

2. Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes ecommerce homepage
Xero Shoes provides durable, stylish and affordable barefoot running sandals. Their homepage features some important elements for a product that may be less familiar to prospective customers, such as social proof (in the form of press comments and testimonials) and answers to possible objections (through links to information about exchanging your shoes and how to decide if the shoes are right for you).

To implement a similar page on your website, you should use a flexible theme, like Storefront (a free theme from WooCommerce) with a page builder plugin (such as Site Origin PageBuilder, Velocity Page or Visual Composer) to add various modules that link to posts and products as needed. If your budget allows, consider getting a custom site that speaks directly to your intended audience.

3. Zula Juice

Zula ecommerce homepage
Zula Juice tells you at the top of their site that they offer organic-certified, cold-pressed juice. The clean layout matches their brand attributes and exudes a healthy and fresh energy to appeal to their customers. The homepage is centred around showcasing the benefits and unique features of product.

If you want a site similar to Zula, choose a theme that fits well with your brand personality and values, and use very high quality images.

4. The Feed

The Feed ecommerce homepage

The Feed provides hand-picked boxes of health and nutrition products by subscription. Their homepage has a unique product filter navigation in the sidebar, as well as featured products and links to related subject content. The homepage is designed to guide people to the right kinds of products for them.

For your e-commerce site, use a plugin like Ajax Layered Navigation or WooCommerce Product Filter to create filtered navigation and make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for in your WooCommerce store.

5. YoYoBestBuy

YoyoBestBuy ecommerce homepage
YoyoBestBuy is all about yoyos and the apparel and accessories that yoyo enthusiasts will need. The website homepage features various product groupings on home page, such as new releases, featured brands, and top rated products. These are designed to guide the users to products in multiple ways.

For your site, you can easily use built-in WooCommerce widgets or added extensions (like Products of the Day) to display products in ways that make sense to your customers.


Your e-commerce homepage is the place to hook your customers and persuade them to not only explore your website but eventually make purchases.

The five sites showcased above illustrate several ways you can engage your customers on the homepage of your e-commerce website. Different elements can appeal to different audiences, so you may need to test a bit to find what works for your site.

If you have some other e-commerce homepages you think deserve a look, let us know in the comments. If you need help implementing e-commerce for your business, get in touch!