Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

It’s time for another free Office Hours webinar. This month’s theme is speed, baby!

This Office Hours webinar was recorded Friday, October 17 at 1 pm PT.

During this Office Hours webinar you will:

  • Learn what’s making your site slow. A slow site is one of the fastest ways to hike up that bounce rate. Visitors today are not willing to wait even a few extra seconds for your site to load. Don’t drive them away before they’ve had a chance to see how amazing you are, keep them on your pages longer with a smooth, fast-loading site.
  • Discover how to measure your site’s speed. Think your site’s nickname should be Speedy Gonzales? Think again. You might be surprised at how your site’s speed matches up to some of the best. The first step to fixing a problem is finding out (and admitting) you have one. We’ll show you how.
  • Find out what steps you can take to speed up your site. Things change at an exponential rate on the web and while you might think you know how to speed up your site, that information can be outdated. Eric will explain what the best practices are today to optimize your WordPress site’s speed.

2 responses to “Speeding Up Your WordPress Site”

  1. Eric Amundson Avatar

    I’m really looking forward to this discussion, following up on our first Office Hours, where we talked a lot about using CloudFlare and Sucuri with WordPress.

    I’m especially looking forward to demonstrating some nerdy speed testing techniques and have already begun cleaning my taped-up nerd glasses and tuning my Steve Erkel voice.

    1. Jenny Bones Avatar

      I can’t wait! Nerd glasses are my favorite.