Protect Your WordPress Sitess

The Easiest Way to Protect Your WordPress Site

If you get that uneasy feeling just before you click the “update” button in WordPress, you’re not alone.

While we love WordPress (and we love it hard), the complexity of the software, along with the multitude of themes and plugins used by site owners, can sometimes make the updating experience a little scary.

However, there are three very good reasons why it’s super-important to keep your WordPress site and plugins updated. And the first one is (can you guess?)…


Give yourself a fistbump if you got it right.

Increased security is the #1 reason to keep your site updated. WordPress and plugin developers work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of all those hackers out there. New updates are critical for keeping your site safe.




Unless you’re an entomologist, chances are you’re not a big fan of bugs…especially when it comes to your site and its plugins. New updates are created to fix known bugs and keep everything running smoothly. Think of your site updates as a big can of Raid (or, if you prefer, a recyclable can of non-toxic, organic and locally-sourced pest control product).

Features & Functions

As WordPress improves its features and functionality, it will release new updates to improve your user experience. The same goes for plugins. So if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest tools for your site, you’re going to have to overcome your fear of updates.

What’s the best way to update my site?

Follow these easy steps to safely update your WordPress site:

  1. Back up your site! While you should always have a current backup copy of your site, this is especially important before updating.
  2. Read through the release notes. These notes (or “changelog”) will explain to you exactly what’s being changed and why.
  3. Go ahead…click that update button.
  4. Check out your site to make sure everything’s working properly. Pay special attention to those items mentioned in the release notes.
  5. Buy yourself a big ol’ mocha latte, baby, because you deserve it!

IvyCat to the Rescue

Of course, you could always just have us take care of all this for you. Our WordPress Maintenance Program will keep your site safe, backed up and updated so you never have to worry about it again. And if you ever have a problem or question, you’ll have our amazing support team at your service.

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