Creating Your Own eCommerce Product Photos

The costs of running a successful eCommerce WordPress site can seem never-ending. Subscriptions, site maintenance, and inventory control can all add up to take a big bite out of your profits. Luckily, producing high-quality eCommerce product photos doesn’t have to be one of them.

As a successful business owner, you already understand the value in producing high-quality product photos. Nothing will turn your site visitors away faster than blurry, poorly lit or otherwise sketchy images.

Luckily, creating beautiful product photos is crazy-easy to do and super-cheap, too…no professional photographer needed.

Magical Smart Phones

Today’s smart phones have incredibly complex cameras built into them. I have a friend who is an amateur photographer and professional web designer. I’ll never forget the day she called me a few years ago when her new iPhone arrived. “I never have to carry a camera bag again!”

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical.

Over the years, she’s consistently produced and sold amazing photos using nothing but her smart phone. And if she can do it, so can you. Scratch off a new camera from your wish list. You already have one at arm’s reach.

Lights, Camera, Action

While natural light is a wonderful source of lighting for your photographs, your environment isn’t always agreeable. Maybe it’s a rainy day. Maybe it’s in the evening. Or maybe you cannot set your table up near a window.


No worries. For less than $30, you can purchase a set of lights and stands at your local hardware store. Avoid the high costs of professional light kits and definitely forgo anything that operates via flash only. Select light bulbs that produce a natural, daytime light to get the best results.


Too Much Coffee?

Maybe you’ve had too much caffeine, or maybe it’s just really difficult for you to hold a camera still. Blurry photos are a sure-fire way to turn off your potential customers. Bypass those shaky hands and invest in a tripod designed for your smart phone and go enjoy that next espresso. Smart phone tripods can run anywhere from $10 to $300. Remember, all you need is a steady stand so definitely go for cheap here.

Create Space

While you don’t need to rent out a studio for great product photos, you will need to create the proper space in your home. Purchase a wide craft table and, depending on the size of your product, you want the table to be as long as possible.

It’s always best to take the photos using a white background, which allows you to isolate the product and easily edit the lighting later. A plain, white sheet or some craft paper draped along the table will work perfectly.

The Final Cut

While that talented friend I mentioned earlier is a purist and never edits her photos, the rest of us are likely more gifted in other areas. Let’s face it; we could use all the editing we can get. Well, lucky for us, there are some easy solutions to finessing your images.


Editing your photos is easier than ever. For a very low price, you can subscribe to Adobe Lightroom (around $10 a month) and have professional editing tools at your fingertips. Some other great (and free) options include Photoscape and PicMonkey. Your best bet is to combine these tools for a high-quality result.

One of the keys to your ultimate success will be in the number of shots you take each time. It’s likely you’ll need 20 – 30 shots of the same item before you get that perfect image. Don’t be afraid to overdo it here. Let yourself go crazy! (Trust me, it’s fun.)

So there you have it, professional-grade eCommerce product photos for less than $50. Now go forth and produce your beautiful images. And watch those sales start to climb.

Have any tips on creating great product photos? Share your wisdom and experience in the comments below.