An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing

At this year’s WordCamp Seattle, Eric was invited to be one of the guest speakers. His topic, “An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing Your WordPress Business,” was chosen not just because he’s a self-proclaimed introvert, but also because so many of us who work online are.

Let’s face it, marketing’s hard, even for extroverts. But when you’re dealing with the added challenge of feeling intimidated, exhausted or just uninspired by networking with tons of other people, it can be especially difficult.

Eric shares his strategy, developed over the years of growing his own successful business, for overcoming the roadblocks faced by many introverts to get out there and start paving the way for your success.

Check out his presentation and leave a comment to let us know what you think. Don’t be shy ;)

2 responses to “An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing”

  1. Vishal Kothari Avatar

    The presentation does not load. Tried viewing it in Chrome & Firefox both.