WordPress 3.6 Released!

The long-awaited version WordPress 3.6 was released today.

WordPress 3.6 New Features

We’re excited about the release of WordPress 3.6 for a bunch of reasons, but a few of my personal faves are:

  • WordPress LogoPost-locking really helps especially on multi-author sites and you can now “take over” editing responsibilities on a post by kicking out the current author.  Works like a charm when your co-worker goes to lunch and forgets to exit a post.
  • Better autosaves make it much harder to lose something by accident by making use of the HTML5 offline storage to store your revisions locally on your computer.
  • Built-in audio and video players – you don’t have to rely on plugins to play rich media.
  • Tons of new developer-ey stuff under the hood that makes creating sites withWordPress even easier and more powerful.

Get a full overview of what’s new in the WordPress 3.6 release.

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One response to “WordPress 3.6 Released!”

  1. Lavneet Sharma Avatar
    Lavneet Sharma

    Yeah, 3.6 version of WordPress is awesome. The thing that I personally like in this update is the built in script for playing media rich files.