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Why WordPress Is the Perfect CMS for Video Marketing

Guest post by Aslam Multani

The importance of video marketing cannot be overstated. With the fast-paced lives we lead, people don’t have time to read long articles. Instead, they’d rather consume content through short videos—not only are videos more engaging, they can be watched while multi-tasking as well.

That being said, many marketers face issues while uploading videos on their websites because they need to keep the file size to a minimum to ensure it doesn’t hamper their page speed optimization.

At first it might seem daunting to add videos to your website posts and accounts, but nothing could be further from the fact. You can easily incorporate videos into your WordPress website. Simply post them to a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo first, then you can embed your videos into any post or page on your site. Learn how to do it step-by-step in this post. First, we’ll review the importance of video marketing.

A Few Video Statistics in 2020

Why bother uploading videos to your website if it’s such a hassle? You’d imagine that high-quality material in text and photographs is enough, right? And besides, many professionals have stated that you can optimize SEO photos and text and score top search engine positions.

So, why have videos in your marketing strategy for WordPress? Here are just a few reasons why video content is more important than ever:

  • People view more than 5 billion YouTube videos a day
  • Facebook users stream more than 100 million hours of content a day
  • 82% of Twitter users watch the platform’s videos
  • The regular internet user spends 88% more time on video websites
  • 70% of advertising professionals regularly customize videos for SEO
  • A strong 43% of advertisers agreed that if there were no barriers, such as expense, money and time, they would produce more video content
  • 65% of audiences watch more than than 23% of a video
  • 9 in 10 audiences said product videos are beneficial in the decision-making process
  • Including video in web marketing raises click-through rates by 300%
  • Conversion rates can be improved by 80% by providing video on a landing page
  • After seeing a video, 64% of buyers are much more likely to purchase a product on your website

Source: Renderforest infographic with 40+ stats from various reputable sources.

Advantages of Video Marketing

  • YouTube and several social media platforms are aggressively supporting the promotion of videos, meaning you can attract more people to your website.
  • Video will help you create a focused community to support your company. It creates a personal bond with your audience and potential customers as videos have an intrinsic potential to elicit emotion from your target audience.
  • Get an increased Return on Interest (ROI). You can offer clearer demonstrations of your product or service, which will lead to increased conversion and sales.
  • Video boosts your search results: you are 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first list if you upload an optimized video to your site.
  • Balance your content and provide your WordPress platform with a rich user interface by incorporating video wherever possible.

Why Uploading Videos on WordPress Is A Seamless Process

In order to upload videos to your WordPress account, you do not need a plugin. WordPress has a great CMS with nifty video integration capabilities that make the whole process as quick as A, B, C.

Navigate to the video you would like to add to your WordPress account, assuming that you have already uploaded your videos to YouTube (or if you’re sharing videos from another creator with permission).

As seen below, copy the link from the window address bar.

Additionally, as we illustrate in the screenshot below, you can right-click the video and click the Copy Video URL.

Next, move to the site or page on the backend of your WordPress website where you want your video to be included. Simply navigate to Pages > Add New on your WordPress admin menu if you are developing a new page, as seen below.

Note: If you’re uploading a video to a post, in the above step, you need to navigate to Posts > Add New.

Once you’re on your post or page, click on the Editor tool in the top left corner (the plus sign). Under the “media” section, select the “video” option to add to your post. Then you’ll choose how you want to upload the video (shown below). In this case, since we copied the YouTube URL, we would select “Insert from URL.”

Once this is done, optimize the rest of the page and add content as needed, then click the Publish button to release your WordPress webpage/post.


In a nutshell, adding videos to a WordPress site is not complicated. And if executed well, it can be highly beneficial for your business. Moreover, the entire process is simpler due to the plethora of streaming sites that can host your video.

To have videos working for you, you don’t even need to install plugins! Only pick a third-party platform (we like YouTube or Vimeo), and upload high-quality content that can go viral when you start producing videos and adding them to your WordPress site.

Author Bio: Aslam loves solving complex problems by bringing out of the box solution approach. Aslam is the Co-Founder and COO at Multidots Inc. Multidots is an Enterprise WordPress digital agency and one of the WordPress VIP partner agencies with a globally distributed team of WordPress experts helping Content Publishers around the world.