WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

WP Accessibility Day 2023

If you’re a WordPress user or developer interested in making the web more accessible for everyone, there’s no better place to start than WP Accessibility Day, a free conference happening September 27th and 28th.

WP Accessibility Day is a must-attend event for users and developers alike. It provides a crucial opportunity to deepen your understanding of digital accessibility, a vital aspect of web design and development.

Users can learn how to create inclusive content, while developers can stay updated on the latest tools and techniques for building accessible websites and applications.

In an era where accessibility is increasingly important and often legally mandated, this event equips you with the knowledge to make a positive impact.

IvyCat is a bronze sponsor for WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Beyond education, WP Accessibility Day facilitates valuable networking and collaboration. Users can connect with advocates and experts, and developers can find like-minded professionals for potential collaborations.

The event offers workshops, presentations, and a supportive community, ensuring you leave with practical insights you can immediately apply.

Join WP Accessibility Day to contribute to a more accessible internet and enhance your skills, whether you’re a user striving for equal online access or a developer committed to inclusive digital experiences.

Live streaming is free at https://2023.wpaccessibility.day.