How Your Slow Website is Costing You Money

The following is a guest post from John Stevens of, and we love the infographic they’ve put together!

Whether you run an e-commerce store or offer design services, a travel portal or book tickets online for city events, the priority to have a well performing website in terms of speed is the most sensible business mantra.

Website Speed

Let’s evaluate how critical is your website speed from a perspective of a first time visitor. In such a case, the ‘Fully Rendered Speed’ is what comes into the picture wherein the visitor would want to see just about everything your website offers.


A website loading slow or not entirely loading has a stern capacity to persuade the visitor to search for a competitor site. User experience goes for a toss without saying.

Slow Site, No Customers

Now imagine for an already existing customer who would rather be more concerned about the ‘Document Complete Speed’. He wants to buy a particular product that he has already added to his cart; however he is not able to complete the purchase due to slow speed.


The fact of the matter is that he would only stick around if the product is not available anywhere else or he is not getting a good deal. The urgency of buying it could still make you lose him. Either ways, a run of the mill website performance is taking a toll on your business.


The following infographic would take you through some facts that would be hard to digest even for the so called successful businesses which might just be churning thousands of millions of bucks but have never realized their true potential because of a slow website.


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