We’re professionals.

We’re veterans of the web design world, with years of experience creating successful sites. We aren’t hobbyists. We mean business, and it shows in the quality of our work.

We create custom-tailored solutions.

Cookie cutters should be used for is making cookies, not websites.

IvyCat doesn’t use web templates. Every IvyCat website is custom designed. We work with you one-on-one to analyze your needs, and then we create a site from the ground up that’s perfectly fitted for you, your organization, and your users.

We have a holistic approach.

A good website is a well-balanced website. A well-balanced website does exactly what you want, gives your users exactly what they want, and ranks well with search engines.

Our holistic approach to web development addresses all of these needs to create valuable, useful, powerful websites.

We have marketing experience.

We’ve got more than technological know-how going for us! IvyCat’s websites are built on a foundation of years of real-world marketing experience.

Just about anybody can put up a web page, but getting qualified traffic to it is an entirely different story. We know how to make your website a potent marketing tool and a magnet for internet traffic.

For maximum effectiveness, your site should:

  • Look professional and have content that works for your users
  • Rank well with search engines for the keywords that matter

We carefully analyze your market and all of the keywords people might use to find your site. Then, we tailor your new website for maximum marketing effectiveness/impact with search engines and users.

Our sites are web standards compliant.

This means that our websites run well and fast on most/any browser, and are designed with an emphasis on accessibility and usability.

“Web standards” is the term for a formal set of standardized best practices for building websites.

We’re committed to usability.

We work hard to design websites that give your users the breeziest, most intuitive experience possible. We put an enormous amount of thought into your site’s construction, so that your users never have to put any thought into how to use it.

Our websites are easy to maintain.

What good is a website that isn’t easy for you to use? IvyCat is happy to provide website maintenance services, but our goal is to give you great value for your investment. This means we strive to create sites that are easy for you to update and maintain yourself, saving you money.

We provide international and local service.

It doesn’t matter where you live–we can design the perfect site for you! We’re always just one phone call or email away from our customers, and have created wonderful websites for clients all over the world.

We are also very happy to meet with local clients in person.

Contact us now to set up a free consultation!