5 Event Espresso Features You Can’t Live Without

Managing events is a complex process with many moving parts to coordinate – nowadays that includes organizing your event website, and managing online registration and ticketing.

Event Espresso is the most powerful WordPress event management plugin and one that we happily recommend to clients. It can be used for all manner of events: classes, conferences, and fundraisers to name just a few.

Event Espresso comes bundled with lots of incredibly useful features to provide an all-in-one event management solution. Basic requirements such as custom registration forms, emails, event capacity limits, and printable tickets are all present and correct. A host of more advanced functionality is also there for you to enjoy.

In this article we’ll take you through five of the more advanced features available to make your events run perfectly. Let’s get going!

1. Multiple Ticket Options


As the events market becomes more crowded, keeping your event attendees satisfied often means having a wide variety of ticket options available. Event Espresso enables you to accommodate multiple scenarios by creating an unlimited number of ticket possibilities.

You can create ticket sale dates to restrict a particular ticket’s availability to a set time period, create discounts on ticket prices based on a dollar or percentage amount, and set minimum and maximum numbers for how many tickets can be purchased per person.

2. Multiple Attendee Registration


For some events, allowing multiple tickets to be purchased also creates the need to register multiple individuals – when companies send multiple employees to a conference for example.

Event Espresso enables you to either collect separate personal information for each attendee or reuse the registration information from the first ticket – simply select the option that best matches your use case.

3. Promotional Codes


If the audience for your event is price-sensitive (or you need to sell out the event before a certain date), you may need to provide some incentives to make it more affordable and encourage prompt registration.

Event Espresso makes this easy by enabling you to create unlimited promotions and discount codes – early-bird pricing, for example – that are available before a set date. You can also create set discounts based on dollar or percentage amounts of the ticket price, and enable multiple discounts per event or limit discounts to one per event.

4. Waiting Lists

Having limited space for an event can mean turning people down when tickets sell out. As your event becomes more popular, a waiting list becomes a must-have. Event Espresso makes managing a waiting list a simple and automatic task.

Once the event is full based on the capacity you set in the options, a waiting list is created automatically so that people can add their name and details to be contacted if a spot opens up. Event Espresso will even allow wait-listed attendees to pay for their spot on the list.

5. Automatic Event Posts


A big part of marketing events online is blogging to help publicize them. Event Espresso is tightly integrated with WordPress and can be set up to automatically create pages or posts when an event is published.

It also provides you with the ability to set tags, categories, and custom fields. If you want to display the information in a unique way, you can even customize the templates.

Summing Up

Using a plugin like Event Espresso will help you run your event more efficiently, saving you time and money on marketing and administration in the process. Let’s recap the five killer features we looked at:

  1. Multiple ticket options.
  2. Multiple attendee registration.
  3. Promotional codes integration.
  4. Waiting list functionality.
  5. Automatic event posting.

We happily recommend Event Espresso here at IvyCat, and are highly proficient in helping clients get the most out of it.

Contact us today to discuss options for creating a custom events management WordPress site using Event Espresso!