Put a Pin in Security

Get Free Sucuri Protection with WordPress Maintenance Plans

We’re really excited to announce that all of our WordPress Support & Maintenance plans now have the option of adding Sucuri’s professional anti-malware and firewall service at no extra charge.

If you’re already using one of IvyCat’s WordPress Support & Maintenance solutions, and would like us to install and configure Sucuri’s service and their Pro WordPress security plugin on your site, please submit a support ticket requesting Sucuri and we’ll add it to your site, tighten security, and actively monitor your site.

We’ve been using Sucuri’s terrific service for a few years on ivycat.com and it has provided an invaluable level of security and peace-of-mind. Sucuri Security

What Does Sucuri Offer?

Sucuri protects sites from malware and hackers by offering:

  • Monitoring – detecting file changes
  • Alerting – lets us know if anything’s out-of-the-ordinary on your site
  • Cleanup & Removal – if your site does get infected, Sucuri will clean it up for free and make sure you’re in good standing with search engines.
  • Firewall – Sucuri’s Pro WP plugin offers a built-in firewall that blocks bad behavior in real-time

What Does it Cost?

Sucuri’s Pro anti-malware service starts at just $89 per year, which is an absolute steal for anyone running a serious website.  And, if you’ve had a malware infection, you know the time, energy and money that can be lost dealing with malware infections.

But, if you subscribe to IvyCat’s WordPress Support & Maintenance service, Sucuri is included at no extra charge.

What to Do?

Already using Sucuri on your site? No problem. You can continue to use their service under your own account.

Want to Add Sucuri Protection?  If you don’t have Sucuri already and would like us to install and configure it, please submit a support ticket through our secure Helpdesk and we’ll get it installed and configured right away.

Sucuri Security