7 More Fun Sites for Free Stock Images

I wasn’t surprised at all to find out that our last post on free stock images got the attention it did. If you’re running a blog or other website, having to pay for stock images gets pretty pricey real fast. Not only is it expensive, but it seems the paid-for sites often have very similar images (think: woman with her hand to her chin looking confused).

Don’t believe me? It took me 12 seconds to find this image on a popular paid-for site. Go on, try it for yourself. Then come back (don’t forget to come back).

Closeup portrait of cute young business woman smiling

I know how she feels, too. Luckily, there are some very talented photographers out there willing to share their work for the greater good. Please note! Always double-check the licensing requirements. Some free stock images will require approval for commercial use.




Unsplash offers 10 free stock images every 10 days. Their images are high resolution, high quality and royalty free. Does it get better? I think not.


Gratisography is one of my favorites on this list. Their high resolution, high contrast photos are fun and whimsical. They add new images each week and are royalty free for commercial use.

Superfamous Studios


While Superfamous Studios does ask for attribution when using their images for commercial use, their ever-growing collection of nature-based and abstract photos can really spruce up your site.

Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos is just what it says…photos of startups. We were a startup once, we love startups!



Pexels offers a huge variety of royalty free, high resolution images. With a focus on nature, abstract and technology they add more images everyday so add a visit to this site on your daily to-do list.



Magdeleine offers a wide variety of beautiful high contrast images. They make it easy to search and sort by colors and subject.



With a name like Cupcake, what’s not to love? This royalty free photo collection focuses on landscapes and nature…but they let a few house cats in, too, which makes us love them even more.


What’s your favorite resource for free stock images? Share in the comment below.