IvyCat AJAX Testimonials Update

Plugin Update: IvyCat AJAX Testimonials v 1.5.x

We just released the latest update to the IvyCat AJAX Testimonials WordPress plugin on WordPress.org and it includes some new features, bug fixes, and some updates needed for the pending WordPress 4.3.

This is the first in a series of updates we’ll be pushing to this plugin, focusing first on improving code quality, then adding some overdue features.  Although this update was a bit of a smorgasbord, you can expect future updates to come more frequently and be more targeted.

IvyCat AJAX Testimonials 1.5.1 release includes:

  1. Add internationalization support
  2. Featured image support
  3. Fix browser detection issue by adding jquery-migrate dependency
  4. Update to PHP5 object constructors (needed for WordPress 4.3 compatibility)
  5. Scrutinizer code cleanup and fixes
  6. Add AJ Mallory (jasonm4563) as a contributor – thanks AJ!

I’m excited about all of these updates and what we’ve got on the roadmap, but the two most exciting updates are:

  • The addition of Featured Image / Post Thumbnail support, and
  • Internationalization support

These enhancements open the plugin up to a wider, international audience and make it more valuable by allowing consistent featured imagery, rather than just images embedded within testimonials.

Have feature requests, bugs, or other issues? Please report them either as a GitHub issue, or in this plugin’s support forum on WordPress.org.