OfficeXpats WordPress Happiness Day – October 29, 2013

In week five of our Creating Effective WordPress Sites series at OfficeXpats, we’ll answer all sorts of WordPress questions.

OfficeXpatsEric will be at OfficeXpats along with a few other WordPress developers and we’ll do our best to help everyone with WordPress questions.

Notes on asking questions:

  1. Don’t be bashful!
    We teach WordPress to people of all skill levels, so don’t worry that your question is too basic or dumb – if you don’t know, please ask!
  2. Have an example?
    If you have a screenshot or other file that might illustrate your question, please upload it using the form below.
  3. Come prepared.
    Have questions pertaining to hosting, WordPress, domain setup, or anything else that may require a login?  Make sure to bring any credentials we might need to access these accounts.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible and make sure that you leave with a much better understanding of WordPress and, specifically, how it can work for you.

This presentation is over. If you have general questions, please fill out our Contact form.

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